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What We Do

Fudge Animation Studios creates captivating and imaginative children's television programming through exceptional character design, storytelling, and a deep understanding of kids' insights.

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Where to First?

We bring stories to life through expert character design and captivating scriptwriting and storytelling. With a keen understanding of our audience and deep insights into kids' programming, we create animated experiences that foster a genuine connection with viewers.

Design & Development


Relatable characters with rich emotions and behaviors are vital for compelling storytelling. Developing detailed personalities through our CharactaMap™ methodology ensures that we are able to create deeply human and connecting experiences for the audience.

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Students of Story


Storytelling in animation is an art form that should captivate and inspire audiences. Through our CharactaMap metholodogy we adopt a layered process, chunking the story down so that detailed plot development, character arcs, and conflicts can be explored.

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Animation Studio Consultancy Tim

Working with Fudge is amazing. They’re such a creative team and always come back to us with great ideas even on tight timelines. We were really impressed with the film they made for us and we look forward to working together again soon!

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Production Process

At Fudge Animation Studio, we wholeheartedly prioritize excellence in every step of our creative journey. With a relentless dedication to our craft, we strive to produce the highest quality animated television programming for children.

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Research & Psychology


We are student of story and we excel in bringing imaginative narratives to life. Our CharacterMap™ methodology brings together creative ideation with science, research and psychology which ensures that audience connection with your story is inevitable.

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Consultancy Services

Children's Animation

We believe deeply that programming has the power to inspire and guide children in a positive way. So, with a strong emphasis on kids' insights, we dedicate significant effort to unraveling the intricate science behind children's thoughts and actions.

Show Consultancy
Animation Studio For Kids

Our Raconteurial Spirit ignites a sense of wonder, weaving tales that transport young minds to magical realms. And with Bravery as our guiding light, we fearlessly push boundaries and take bold leaps, empowering children to dream big and embrace their uniqueness.

These values are the cornerstone Fudge, enabling us to create meaningful and unforgettable experiences that ignite the imagination of young viewers worldwide.