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Fantastically Sticky


Raconteurial spirit fuels our fantastically sticky storytelling and this is elevated using a structured narratological methodology called CharactaMap™, creating memorable characters and compelling stories.

Fantastically Sticky


/ Fantastically - reflects the imagination and positivity at the heart of Fudge; also to mean ‘incredibly’.

/ Sticky - reflects the desire to move people and to compel viewers to feel something; also relates to being powerful, or having irresistible effect.

Bona Fide

Raconteurial Spirit

Every creative studio claims to be 'experts in storytelling' but few can tell you how or why they're such specialists. Fudge is defined by our ability to tell stories and core to our values is Raconteurial Spirit. We are storytellers, creative thinkers and architects of the unexpected. Our world is magical and fueled by the imagination, and we welcome others to enjoy it with us. We have fun and we spread joy. We are driven by a desire to find new ways to move people; to create characters that will make them smile, laugh, think, cry; and to be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Students of Story

Narratological Approach

Our creative storytelling and writing skills are elevated by CharactaMap™, a narratological methodology. CharactaMap™ ensures the development of compelling stories through the layering of audience understanding, foundational elements of personality, psychological theory, and external influences to enrich our storytelling capabilities and create resonant narratives that leave a lasting impression.

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Concept Development

Some clients have detailed narrative frameworks and others begin with rough story outlines and we collaborate to refine them. In either case, we benchmark the concept against CharactaMap to identify any enhancements that can be made to the genre, theme, world, target audience, central conflict, stakes and characters.

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Story Engine

We then flesh out the story engine with the character arcs and their interactions with one another. We build out the script obstacles, the stakes and the pacing of escalation-events within the story, taking care to overlay the character arcs to keep engagement without overwhelming the story or making it too complex for the audience.

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Final Script

Finally, comes the scene by scene building of the environment, precise character action and interactions, right down to the dialogue. Remembering 'show don’t tell' this is where the Creative Director adds in the hidden meanings, music, effects, symbolism, pacing, wit and humour as the subtexts.

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Copy of fudge 70
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Where Creativity Meets Science


CharactaMap™ by Inkubator is an intuitive writing system channeled through 5 decks of critical thinking prompt-cards, made for people who want to create memorable characters and write compelling stories.

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/ Narratology is the study of narrative, specifically focusing on the structure, functions, and characteristics of narratives across various forms of storytelling. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of literary theory, linguistics, psychology, and other related disciplines to examine how narratives are constructed, conveyed, and interpreted.

    In a sentence

    / With their masterful storytelling abilities and profound understanding of narratology, Fudge effortlessly weaves captivating narratives that transport listeners to imaginative worlds.