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In a twisted blend of nostalgia, darkness, and humor, this captivating situational comedy for adults immerses viewers in the eccentric and uproarious world of British drinking culture, through the eyes of two drunk fish.

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Pish'd is a hilarious new animated adults comedy that dives deep into the lives of two fish, Connor and Kane, living in a fish tank in the run-down bedsit of a reprobate addict named Jack. Each episode follows the misadventures of the fish as they experience the effects of whatever substance their owner drops into the tank while also exploring the UK's drinking culture.

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Jack is a reprobate addict living in a dilapidated bedsit in a seedy part of town. In each episode, he stumbles into his hovel to feed his fish after indulging in whatever drink or drug he's been consuming that afternoon. He places his drink or drugs on the huge stolen speakers next to the fish tank and cranks a barrage of bass up to ten. His stash of alcohol and narcotics bumps along the speaker until it eventually falls into the water. Hungry for their next hit, the curious fish take a bite/gulp and in each episode, they personify the perception of the substance.

A Different Kettle of Fish

Meet the Characters

Connor and Kane are the main characters, who love and rely on each other but can never seem to agree on anything, even when they share the same opinion. Kane is a big, intimidating fish who always seems to find himself in ridiculous situations, while Connor is the smarter of the two but has a filthy mind and loves to share his inappropriate jokes and thoughts.


Kane is a big, burly fish with a heart of gold. He's fiercely protective of his friends and family, and he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in - even if it means getting into a fight. Despite his tough exterior, Kane is actually a bit of a softie, and he has a soft spot for anyone who's in need of help.


Connor is a fish with a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humour. He's always up for a good joke or a bit of mischief, and he's not afraid to speak his mind - even if his thoughts and comments are often inappropriate or crude. Despite his mischievous nature, Connor is actually quite intelligent and perceptive, and he often sees things that others miss.

Character Development & Design

These aquatic companions were developed with specific design considerations in mind, paying homage to British drinking culture. Serving as a reflection of their owner Jack, Kane and Conner embody the essence of this unique demographic.

Episode Outlines

Below are a sample of our 26 script outlines. We have three full scripts and a pilot (available on request) and we plan to create one short-form series of 26 x 5 minute episodes.

"The Bet"

Connor and Kane make a bet to see who can go the longest without indulging in any of the substances that Jack drops into the tank. The bet quickly becomes a competition, with both fish resorting to extreme measures to avoid giving in.

"Fish Out of Water"

Jack takes the fish out of the tank to clean it, but accidentally drops them into the bathtub. Connor and Kane must navigate the unfamiliar environment while also dealing with the added challenge of the other disgusting creatures that have made a home in Jack's bath. 

"The New Fish"

Jack adds a new fish to the tank, and Connor and Kane are excited to make a new friend. However, the new fish turns out to be a bit of a bully, and Connor and Kane must find a way to stand up for themselves without resorting to violence.


Jack hosts a wild party in the apartment, and Connor and Kane must navigate the chaos while also dealing with the various substances that are being consumed by the party-goers. The episode culminates in a hilarious Kanece party in the fish tank.

"The Heist"

Jack's dealer comes to collect on a debt, and Connor and Kane must help Jack come up with the money to pay him off. The fish concoct a plan to steal money from one of the other tenants in the building, leading to a hilarious caper that doesn't quite go as planned.

"Beer Goggles"

Jack drops a pint of beer into the fish tank, causing Connor and Kane to become aggressive and territorial. The two fish compete for the attention of a new fish that has been added to the tank, leading to a hilarious showdown.

"Bong Water Blues"

Jack drops some cannabis into the tank, causing Connor and Kane to become extremely relaxed and lazy. When Jack forgets to feed the fish, they must work together to find a way to get his attention and get him to feed them.

"Cat Attack"

A new cat enters the apartment, and Connor and Kane must hide from her. When they accidentally knock over Jack's stash of drugs, they must work together to hide the evidence before Jack realizes what happened.

"The Curse"

After Jack spills a cursed drink into the tank, Connor and Kane find themselves in a freaky situation where they are forced to confront their deepest fears and secrets.

"The Romance"

Connor falls for a fish from the tank next door, but the feeling is not mutual. Kane encourages Connor to pursue the fish, but he ends up learning a valuable lesson about respecting boundaries.

"The Vacation"

Jack goes on a trip, leaving Connor and Kane in the care of his unreliable roommate. The fish must deal with the consequences of the roommate's negligence, including a power outage that puts their lives in Kaneger.

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