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Russ & Ila

A slapstick comedy about a lazy walrus called Russ and an intrepid Inuit girl, Ila. Ila's curiosity gets herslef and her reluctant guardian into all sorts of trouble, leaving Russ to bear the brunt of the consequences!

  • 52 x 7 min
  • Pre-School
  • Rigged 2D Animation

Are you ready for an adventure?

In Pish’d, the innocence of intrepid Inuit girl Ila gets her and her walrus buddy into all sorts of trouble that Russ has to work his flippers to the bone to fix, almost certainly putting him out his very limited, and very comfortable, comfort zone. Russ is constantly presented with an opportunity to get Ila back to humankind, but, like Gilligan's Island, it always falls through, most often because the success of the plan would put Russ in too much danger, or because Ila refuses to leave Russ' side.

Russ cracks schemes that always go awry and, after angering the Alpha Walrus, getting himself stuck somewhere, or losing his precious clams, he needs Ila's help to fix it, or maybe just to make him feel better. Russ and Ila go on a rip-roaring exploration together, often inspired by the things Ila finds when she visits Admiral Perry's Explorer's Base Camp.


Russ is a lazy walrus who won't lift a fin if he doesn't have to. This is all turned on its head when a little Inuit girl, Ila, wanders into his life. Try as he might, Russ's heart is melted by Ila's charming curiosity and despite his best efforts to not care, he simply can't let any harm come to her.


Ila is a curious Inuit girl from a nearby village. She's self-reliant and has all the tools necessary to carry out her adventures including a sled, her snowshoes and her yo-yo!? No matter how much trouble she finds herself in, she always comes out of it unscathed thanks to her best friend Russ.

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Episode Outlines

Below are a sample of our 52 script outlines. We have three full scripts and a pilot (available on request) and we plan to create two series of 26 x 11 minute episodes.

Cool as a Caribou

Russ and Ila are enjoying the beautifully peacful Cool Caribou Resort, until it closes abruptly. The caribou are evacuating and a group of human tourists are the cause! Russ considers pawning Ila off to the adventurous culture seekers, but Ila only wants to pretend to be part of the caribou herd.

Ila the Matchmaker

Love is in the arctic air when a lady walrus comes to town and Ila arranges a date for her and Russ. Ila masterminds every second of the encounter to make it as romantic as possible. But all Russ can think about is how to get Ila away from the lovers tryst and back to civilization on that snowmobile!


Russ creates an ice luge to transport clams directly into his mouth. But Ila's disrptions mean that he constantly has to fix the track, which is becoming more and more complex. Ila climbs to to top of the slide and Russ must save her before she falls. They both end up sliding down together and laughing.


The Arctic Tour Guide arrives and Russ sees an opportunity to get Ila a ride back to civilization. However, instead of tourists, the tour guide has brough poachers looking for walrus ivory! Russ needs to find a way to get Ila on the ride home without putting himself in danger from the poachers.

Painting Rocks

Russ decides to paint rocks to look like clams before swapping them with Sal's pile. The alpha breaks a tooth on one of the rocks and, realising he's been duped, chases after Russ. But before he can maul Russ, Sal is distracted by Ila's art and Russ offers her artistic services to save himself.


After Russ sends Ila to bed before finishing her bedtime story, she gets up sleepwalking! She acts out dangerous situations from the story and Russ must save her from peril. Russ realises he needs to give the story a fitting end so Ila can sleep soundly, but it involves subduing a big musk ox.

Show Writers

Baboon Animation

Mike de Seve and Baboon Animation are an Emmy-nominated winning and Oscare award nominated studio whose early work includes writing and directing Sesame Street as well as Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (Mike also directed all seven seaons of the original Beavis and Butt-Head series). Mike worked as a story consultant on DreamWorks' Monsters vs. Aliens, Madagascar, Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third and has served as Head Writer on international kids’ TV series such as Angry Birds and Pocoyo, as well as his own show, Taffy. Mike has written and directed for major broadcasters globally, including Cartoon Network, NBC, Nick, Disney, and FOX TV.

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