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A bonkers action, thriller, espionage comedy for 7-11 year old's (and big kids!). The story centers around two main characters, Chip, an old phone who isn’t very mature and, Flash, a smart phone who isn't very smart.

  • 52 x 11 min
  • Ages 7 to 11
  • 2D Animation
  • Vector

Are you ready for an adventure?

Look no further than 'Haywire', the absurd action, thriller comedy set in a town built out of trash, with characters made from discarded gadgets, it's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Character Bio

Meet Paddy, the Grumpy Sheriff!

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Character Bio

Meet Adel, the Clever One!

Sandy Nuttgens is a multi award winning composer. Through his companies Mezzo Music and Mezzo Kids his work specialises in composing for documentary, drama and multi-episodic animation television productions through working to picture. His commissioned works include large scale outdoor events and major touring theatre productions.

Chip 2 Avatar


The forever young, old phone on whimsical adventures


Flash Avatar


The lovable but dim-witted smartphone


Salmon Berry Avatar

Salmon Berry

The mobile martial art skills master


Grandpa Philip Avatar

Grandpa Philip

Wise Grandpa teaching thrilling life lessons


Jarome Avatar


The lovable robot with a heart of gold


Adele Avatar


Adele proves that being clever is cool!


Show Creator Dan Weaver

  • Character Design
  • Traditional Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Training Film
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Flash is woken by Chip on the outskirts of Haywire Hills. Flash has amnesia and Chip agrees to help him rediscover his identity. But when Chip is captured by a nefarious enemy, Agent Echo emerges to fight ninjas in a kung fu showdown. This results in a flat battery and the race is on to recharge Flash.

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Flash and Chip discover a smart speaker called Alan that can answer anything! Chip spots an opportunity to profit from Alan's mystic abilities by charging Haywire's inhabitants for psychic readings. Unfortunately, Alan's answers are entirely made-up causing conflicts and mayhem throughout the town.

Copy of Protectors of EPHO

Magic 8-Ball

The Great Magic 9 Ball's travelling circus rolls into town with his band of freak gadgets (like the bearded lady shaver). Flash immediatly recognises one of the oddball contraptions and sets off to investigate. But 9 Ball catches Flash and decides he could be a valuable addition to his collection.

Copy of Protectors of EPHO
Copy of Protectors of EPHO
Copy of Protectors of EPHO

Behind the Scenes

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Main Square Sketch
Main Square Rendered
Character Development Flash

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