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Castle Fever

A trio of hapless knights face a never-ending quest to raid a child queen's castle. But every attempt is thwarted by their own incompetence, the queen's good fortune, and the lightning-fast thinking of her trusty hawk.

  • 52 x 11 min
  • Ages 7 to 11
  • 2D Animation
  • Vector

Welcome to Castle Fever

Lil Queenie is a fearless kid with modern attitudes who just happens to own her own castle. She lives there with her doddery old Jester and pet falcon, Hawkear, who is the only castle dweller attuned to the threat from outside. However, keeping Lil Queenie happy inside the castle and keeping the Knights from entering the castle means Hawkear is forever overstretched and overstressed.

The wannabe raiders are made up of Lady Knight who creates ingenious castle cracking inventions that never quite work to plan, Greedy Knight who is as clumsy as an inelegant elephant and the super-dumb Dark Knight whose helmet is permanently trapped shut and so he‘s unable to see a thing. The nightmare Knights persistently fall out and squabble over their failure to get their hands on Lil Queenie’s bling. Think The Three Stooges but with the added fun and danger of swords and maces.

Calamitous Crew

Each episode sees Lil Queenie with something fresh to distract her and make life difficult for the Jester and Hawkear. Meanwhile the knights are enacting ever-crazier plots, plans and schemes to get their dirty hands on Lil Queenies treasures. A child monarch under siege versus three idiots is the gift that keeps on giving . . . or rather, the treasure that can’t be stolen.


Lady Knight

Leader of the half-witted knights

Leader of the half-witted knights, Lady Knight is creative but her mega-inventive schemes are overly complicated and she becomes furious when they fail.



Anxious and perma-exhausted

Anxious and perma-exhausted, Queenie's pet Falcon and round the clock protector is forever trying to prevent the knights from stealing her treasures.



Fearless & Fun Loving

Queenie is a fearless & fun loving. Often bored and oblivious to danger, she has little idea of the value of her treasure, which she treats as toys.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

He can't see anything

With his helmet permanently stuck shut, he can't see anything. He's the stupidest of all the knights, which, given the competition, is an achievement.



Octogenarian Juggler

Our octogenarian Jester isn't much use when it comes to repelling the dastardly knights but he provides gaiety for Queenie with his chaotic energy.


Greedy Knight

Bumbling oaf

Greedy Knight is a big, strong, bumbling oaf and a slave to his collosal appetite. But his clumsy coordination means he rarely gets what he wants.

Show Creators

Crockatt & Scott are a dynamic duo of comedy writers whose brand of humor has won them fans across the globe. The pair have written for popular shows such as Horrible Histories, Armstrong & Miller, and Crackanory and their work has been broadcast globally.

Episode Outlines

Below are a sample of our 52 script outlines. We have three full scripts and a pilot (available on request) and we plan to create two series of 26 x 11 minute episodes.

Tunnel Vision

In an attempt to infiltrate the castle, the Knights' tunneling strategy is met with setbacks. Lady's tunnel floods, Greedy burrows into the dungeon, and Dark ends up insde the latrine. They switch strategies and opt for a wooden glider, leading to the world's first successful flight over a castle wall.

Sneaky Surprise

The Knights come up with a sneaky plan to infiltrate the castle by hiding inside a Trojan horse. However, as they're welcomed inside the castle walls, the grounds are filled with balloons, presents and cake. It's Queenie's birthday! . . . and her eyes light up at the sight of the giant horse. A piñata!

Timber Trouble

The Knights cut down tress around the castle to build a giant crane! First they try to pick out the Queen’s treasures as if the crane was a fairground claw machine. Next, they try to lower themselves into the castle grounds. Finally, they attach a huge rock and try to smash through the castle walls.

Knights Unite

A trio of highly skilled and professional Knights set their sights on the castle. With their superior tactics and training, they are instantly more successful at stealing from the Queen. In the end Queenie’s and Lady Knight’s gangs realise that they must join forces to see off the newcomers.

A Tsunami of Soldiers

The Knights build a (terracotta-style) army of full-scale wooden models on the hill to trick Queenie into surrendering the castle. However, when one mannequin falls over, it starts a domino-style chain reaction that results in a tsunami of wooden soldiers descending on both the castle and the Knights.

Queenie's Meltdown

It's winter, the castle grounds are covered in snow and the Knights try to ski jump their way inside the walls. Meanwhile, Jester and Hawkear have built a snow queen in their boss’ image. The Knights finally make it over the wall and kidnap Queenie, but once they get back across the moat, she melts.

Castle Fever Banner Character

Fit For a Queen

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