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The Socialbies

At the very centre of the universe live best friends Pixel, Bitsie, Dot, and Dave. Along with their smart speaker, Eric, they embark on fun and exciting adventures in the ever-changing world of technology and the internet.

  • 52 x 11 min
  • Ages 4 to 6
  • Fudge'd Stopframe™

The Truth

Right now, in 2023, 1 in 5 UK children aged 3-4 have a mobile phone.

Whether society is ready to accept it or not, our children are going to grow up in a digital world surrounded by technology. As champions for and guardians of the next generation, it is incumbent on us to ensure their safe passage through the digital landscape. 

However, our cultural apprehension towards 'screen time' means that there is a lack of age-appropriate content for young children which equips them with the knowledge and confidence to navigate this exciting new frontier safely and effectively.

Meet The Socialbies

Created in consultation with the former Associate Head of Child Safety for the NSPCC, The Socialbies is preschool entertinament show that not only teaches children essential digital skills but also provides support to parents, carers, and teachers in building their confidence in the digital environment.

The show empowers children to understand that technology and their devices are tools to be mastered, not merely a form of swipey escape. It teaches them how to use technology safely and effectively, and promotes the development of essential skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking.


To children online life is real life. The Socialbies is an exciting concept that not only guides young children to start to learn skills but can also provide a much-needed opportunity to support parents, carers and teachers in building their own confidence in supporting young children to keep safe online.


Dan Weaver

Co-Creator / Executive Producer

Dan began his career at the BBC as an animation producer on some of CBeebies flagship programmes including shows like Bob The Builder, Postman Pat, Teletubbies and Tweenies. Dan is responsible for creative direction of Fudge's broadcast development and production projects.


Sarah Gomes Harris

Show Writer

Sarah is the co-creator, Creative Director, writer and series designer of the BBC's Bafta award-winning television series Sarah & Duck. Sarah helps creators to think creatively about series creation, writing, character development and design, and comedy.

Neil 02

Neil Bennun

Show Writer

Neil was a writer on CBeebies show Messy Goes to Okido, becoming Head Writer for the shows second series. Neil was also shortlisted for the John Rhys Llewellyn Award for Literature for his book The Broken String: The Lost Words of an Extinct People.


Emanuel Bonnici

Creative Director

With a Masters in 3D Animation from Bournemouth’s world-renowned National Centre for Computer Animation & a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University for the Creative Arts, Emanuel has a deep understanding of both the artistic and technical expression of animated film.


Neil Richards

Show Writer

Neil has over thirty years experience working as a writer, producer, story-editor and story exec for film and television, children’s entertainment, and animation with his scripts having earned him numerous BAFTA, Writers Guild and IGDA nominations along the way.


Stephanie Gould

Development Consultant

Over the course of a 20 year career, Stephanie has held editorial & strategic roles at the BBC, Disney, and Acamar Films, working across landmark children’s properties including Teletubbies, In the Night Garden, Disney’s Club Penguin, and Bing.


Amanda Azeez

Script Consultant (Child Safety)

Amanda is the former Head of Child Saftey Online for the NSPCC. Amanda is responsible for the strategy and delivery of child safety online products, services, advice and award-winning behaviour change campaigns for children, parents and professionals at the NSPCC.


Tim Patterson

Executive Director

Tim has held numerous senior positions at Viacom, BBC, UKTV, ITV and Disney. As former VP, Director of Programming at Nickelodeon, Tim was responsible for programme commissioning, acquisition and development, content strategy, planning and scheduling, and media planning.

Creating The World

The Socialbies uses our proprietary Fudge'd Stopframe™ animation technique and you can click through the following images to see how lead character Pixel was designed, built, rigged and animated.

Initial Pixel Sketches
Initial Rough Pixel Sketches
Pixel Trunarounds
Pixel 2D Turnarounds
Character Felting Process
Character Felting Process
Treehouse Render 1

2D Illustration

The design phase is a really important stage in the process of creating CGI characters, objects and environments. Our 2D artists start by creating sketches which are used to produce a final concept art illustration. This 2D visual communication tool then acts as a 'blueprint' for our CGI modellers. Preparing a 2D version of the object gives Directors and Producers an opportunity to address design challenges and to make any necessary adjustments before moving onto the time consuming CG modeling phase.

Treehouse Render 2

CG Modelling

This is the process of transforming 2D designs into 3D models. These wireframe structures (like The Socialbie's Treehouse on the right) are composed of vertices, edges, and polygons. Optimisation is important to ensure that the model functions properly and doesn't break when in use. The type of CG software employed depends largely on the complexity of the models or level of detail required. At Fudge we have CG artists proficient in ZBrush, Autodesk Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, and Houdini.

Treehouse Render 3

CG Lighting

Lighting adds a sense of depth and dimensionality to our CG model and the way in which light interacts with a scene can give the asset a sense of weight and volume. Lighting can also be used to create a specific mood or emotion, such as a bright and sunny day or a dark and moody night scene. Additionally, different lighting techniques can be used to highlight specific features of an object or character, such as highlighting the texture of a surface or emphasising the contours of a character's face.

Treehouse Render 4


In simple terms, rendering is the process of transforming a 3D model and into a 2D image. The technical process involves complex mathematical calculations and light physics which simulate the way light interacts with surfaces on the CG model. A virtual camera considers each of the pixels, assess its color, material, and any nearby light before creating a detailed image. Rendering times can be significantly reduced through optimisation and more powerful machines can also help speed up the process.

Treehouse Render 1
Treehouse Render 2
Treehouse Render 3
Treehouse Render 4
Dave Charater

Going Viral

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Good to Know!

The development of The Socilabies has been a journey of learning, reflection, and growth. We recognise the immense responsibility in talking to young children about technology and the internet and below are some of the things we've resolved along the way!

It's Chocolate, Not Broccoli

At the core of The Socialbies lies a message of paramount importance. But, first and foremost, The Socialbies is a comedy entertainment show designed to elicit laughter and joy from children. We are dedicated to ensuring an engaging and delightful experience for our young audience.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle . . . 

We listened attentively to feedback from parents, educators, and experts in child development, ensuring that our show aligns with the values and expectations of caregivers. Incorporating their insights, we honed our storytelling techniques to engage young viewers in a meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Back to Basics!

The show initially incorporated a combination of live action segments, 2D animation, and puppetry. During development, we felt this introduced an unnecessary layer of complexity and distracted from the narrative and comedy in the scriptwriting. The simplified format now focus solely on our characters and their fun adventures!

Hungry for More?

Tuck in to our smorgasbord of animation case studies which showcase the magic behind our storytelling, our unique approach to imaginative character designs and development, and our awesome animation skills.

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