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Giggle Wiggle

A pre-school sing and dance along show that will get your little ones up and moving! With upbeat songs and routines that encourage kids to join in the fun, your little one won't be able to resist the urge to dance along.

  • 30 x 5 min
  • Pre-School
  • Fudge'd Stopframe
  • Sing & Dance

this is the greatest show

Giggle Wiggle

Let your kids ‘Go Ape!’ with Giggle Wiggle, the preschool show that will get your little ones up and moving! Commissioned by Disney's Baby TV, and currently airing on Sky Channel 626 and Disney+, the series comprises 30 x 5 minute sing and dance-along episodes. Each episode features an original upbeat song and accompanying choreographed dance routines which are performed by the Wiggler’s, our ensemble cast of live action filmed kids, and their unique animal friends. Combining goofy characters, catchy songs, and fun dance routines, there's always something new to learn and try out!

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Fudge'd Stopframe™

The show uses Fudge’s proprietary animation treatment, Fudge’d Stopframe. This innovative technique essentially halves the cost of stop motion animation whilst maintaining a high-end stop frame look and feel, making it an affordable option for studios looking to create visually stunning content on restrictive budgets.

Once 2D character turnarounds have been created, physical puppet versions are modelled using a specialist technique called needle felting. The characters are then photographed from up to 5000 angles using broadcast quality high-fidelity cameras and specialist stop motion software called Dragonframe. The resulting photos are painstakingly stitched together in 2D animation software Moho to create 2D Fudge’d Stopframe rigs.

Giggle Wiggle Banner Character 1

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Felt Tips

1. Encourage your child to get up and dance with their friends on screen and clear the area so they have room to move freely!

2. By imitating the dance routines they see on screen, kids are not only getting exercise but also developing their coordination and motor skills.

3. If they have difficulty imitating the movements simply encourage them to explore their imagination and make up their own movements as they dance to the beat.

4. If you can, join in with your child and participate in the action! You don't need to feel like a fish out of water! Giggle Wiggle brings out the inner child in all of us and from the silly songs to the goofy characters, it’s a show that reminds us to let loose and have fun.

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