The Good the Bad and the Ugly - Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers

Not all jumpers are made equal. During the festive season, however, clothes that would never normally see the light of day are given the chance to be donned and even celebrated. You might have been to an ugly jumper party, where ‘ugly jumpers’ is the dress code. Well in honour of this proud tradition of giving ugly Christmas jumpers a shot, we’ve rummaged through some of them and chosen our favourites. Some of these are actually really nice! So without further ado, let’s pull up our stockings and wade in.

Street Fighter - Click Here

Round 1: Fight! This jumper gets us all nostalgic for days spent in the arcade playing Street Fighter II. The sprite art and animation on these games is gorgeous – some of the best out of any retro fighting game - and given the chance to represent this series in jumper form gets us all excited. The highlights for us are the little ‘K.O.’s running across the top, perfect for the gamers out there.

Star Wars - Click Here


Merry Sith-Mas! As we near the holiday season, the release of the newest addition to the Star Wars movies: The Force Awakens draws closer. The visual effects in the trailers look amazing and we can’t wait – so we had to include something from the series here. It’s amazing that the simple inclusion of a Santa hat makes Darth Vader look almost adorable. Not sure how he’s going to get through his pigs in blankets with that mask on though. Speaking of Christmas dinner…

Sprouts - Click Here

Love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion about these little green veggies. Now you don’t even have to wait until dinner is served to bring sprouts into your festivities. It’s not just this trendy patterned jumper either, you can find them on ‘Sprouts… not just for Christmas,’ ‘Pouts not Sprouts’ and even ‘Keep Calm and Eat Your Sprouts,’ jumpers. Honestly, we feel like we could have easily made an entire post about the variety of sprout jumpers alone! We think it might have something to do with the popularity of BBC’s animated cutie, Sprout Boy (, who has sadly yet to make his clothing debut.

Pull me

This next one is perhaps the cheekiest jumper of the lot and it’s clearly attempting to cash in on the abundance of mistletoe hanging about at this time of year. Steer well clear of anyone you see loitering in one of these at your Christmas parties - that is unless you want an egg snog… sorry.

Jon Snow

Only Rudolph the reindeer on his chest has the appropriate facial expression to match Jon’s sassy hands on hips pose – he remains expressionless, daring you to wish him a happy holidays. He’ll be on Big Fat Quiz of the Year again this winter; we just hope he’s cheered up a little by then! He looks intimidating but his woolly jumper seems so cosy it just makes us want to give him a big old cuddle anyway.

Olaf - Click Here

Do you want to build a snowman? As you can probably imagine, we’re big Disney fans in this office, and when December rolls around, Frozen usually tops our list of festive films. Although it’s hard to tell from this pic, his carrot nose sticks out in true Olaf fashion. His eyes are a little intense but I think we can let it go. Just make sure you put him back in the wardrobe before too long otherwise he’ll be doing whatever snow does in summer!

Bambi - Click Here

Oh dear, this isn’t how we remember Bambi at all! This jumper lives up to its ugly status rather soundly. The problem with most woolly jumpers is that you lose a lot of the detail in your design, the thick black lines outlining the deer make their positions and proportions seem wrong. The eyes are a bit all over the place too… I think it might even make us sadder than when Bambi’s mum died in the film.

Deer Jumper

Moving swiftly on, we have another deer themed jumper, perhaps even the quintessential deer Christmas jumper. It’s a jumper with a deer wearing a jumper with deer on it. Now we just need to find a deer willing enough to pop it on and the cycle will be complete!


Okay, maybe the red brick is offensively garish, but there’s so much to love about this fireplace jumper: be it the feeling of warmth which it gives us, the mini stockings filled with candy canes attached to the front, the… tell-tale lean of the model indicating a glass of sherry too far?

Jesus Birthday Boy - Click Here

It can be easy to forget why we’re celebrating sometimes. There’s such prominence placed on gifts and food, sometimes the birthday boy takes a back seat at his own party, well not anymore! Jesus has such a piercing stare of determination it could rival Olaf’s from the jumper above. In many ways, this is the most Christmassy jumper on this whole list; just don’t wear it to midnight mass.

And with that we come to the end of our trek through the varying quality and festivity of ugly Christmas jumpers. We hope you enjoyed reading. If you think you can trump the ugliness of any of our choices, we’d love to see them! Get in touch with Merry Christmas everyone!