Animation Provides Radical Improvement in Staff Training Engagement

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An innovative approach to training adopted by senior managers at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust promises to have a dramatic impact on staff engagement. ‘Sliding Wards’, the new character animated short film produced by Fudge Animation for Guy’s and St Thomas’ has been “highly successful in engaging staff” and resulted in “extremely encouraging” feedback, according to Director of Information Governance, Yinka Williams.

Providing exceptional staff training is essential for safe, high quality patient care. Employee training engagement is rising up the agenda for all employers, but nowhere more so than in the NHS where there is a growing body of evidence that links training engagement to employee wellbeing, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

“Information Governance can appear to be a dry and complicated issue” said Ms. Williams, “But we need to make certain that all our staff understand the implications that a breach of information governance could have.”

Guy’s and St Thomas’ approached Fudge Animation with the task of taking the important IG Message and engaging viewers to the extent that it transformed their attitudes and behaviours. The team needed a story which was memorable, relatable and would encourage users to share their new found knowledge and passion for IG with their colleagues.

Fudge Animation created a humorous animated film based loosely on Peter Howitt’s 1998 romantic comedy Sliding Doors. In their version, Sliding Wards, the film alternates between two parallel universes, based on the two paths that the life of Arnold, the central character, could take depending on whether he demonstrated good or bad examples of IG compliance.

“When we started the ‘Sliding Wards’ journey we knew what we wanted the video to achieve, but we didn’t necessarily know how we were going to accomplish it. The initial feedback however, has been extremely encouraging. As a result of our experience with Fudge Animation I would whole heartedly recommend them.”

Fudge Animation have created numerous training and explainer videos for several departments within Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Surrey & Borders NHS Foundation Trusts. For more information, visit or contact James Hill on (0843) 88 66 33 1.



James Hill

Director, Fudge Animation Studios Limited

Telephone: (0843) 88 66 33 1
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Fudge Animation Background Information

Fudge Animation Studios Limited is a full service animation agency based in Surrey established by co-Directors Daniel Weaver and James Hill. Daniel is a noted film director who qualified with a BA (Hons) in Film Production before going on to work for BBC on some of their flagship animated series including the Teletubbies, Tweenies, Postman Pat and Bob the Builder. James brings over 10 years’ worth of sales and marketing experience following senior roles in sales and sales management to board level.


Yinka Williams, Director of Information Governance, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

“When we started the ‘Sliding Doors’ journey we knew what we wanted the video to achieve, we didn’t necessarily know how we were going to accomplish it. Dan and James expertly guided us through the process. They gave us ideas as to how our ‘IG’ message could be disseminated. They drafted scripts. They met with us. They updated us regularly. They listened to us when we said something wouldn’t work (because of the nuances in our organisation) or something was liked/disliked (because of personal taste or didn’t resonate). They never once made us feel we were being awkward or over-demanding.” “Sliding Wards was delivered on time and within budget. The initial feedback has been extremely encouraging. Following the first training session I delivered, using the video, to about 30 administration staff, I was told – ‘that’s the most engaged they have ever been’” “As a result of our experience with Fudge Animation I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”