8 Personalities You’ll Find in Most Animation Studios


We've already had a technical look at the types of people you can find in an animation studio, focusing on specific job types and the roles they perform, Now it's time to get personal. Take a peek at the following characters, you just might just recognise some:

The Chef

This is the type that wouldn’t be caught dead with a Tesco meal deal. Studio chefs always have the best leftovers and the equivalent of a bomb shelter larder squirreled away in a cupboard somewhere.

Their birthday cakes are worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake and their average packed lunch would bring a tear to Gregg Wallace’s eye.

Having a chef in the studio can be a double edged sword, though. The heavenly scents from their latest dish of “oh, just something I knocked together” wafting through from the kitchen will make you too hungry to function.

On the other end of the spectrum, occasionally something fishy will make its way into the kitchen, leaving the immediate area as well as a decent radius of the surrounding rooms smelling like Billingsgate Market. Treat this region as if it were the Chernobyl exclusion zone and you should be alright.

The Desk Drummer

Is that a stylus or a drumstick? They don’t care. They treat the working day like one big drum solo, letting off enough energy to power the city-state of Monaco.

Perhaps they have one of those cutesy “mini drum kits” sat on their desk that some absolute joker bought them in the studio secret Santa 2 years back. It’s now sitting under a layer of dust and neglect - the only skins these guys are banging are tablets, mouse mats and monitors.

We’re not unlucky enough to have been cursed with this rare breed of animator at Fudge, but whilst we’re here let me just use this post as a platform. To all desk drummers: please just stop. For the good of humanity, cease.

The Motivator

Like em or loathe em, you need one of these in the studio to make sure any animation actually occurs. They’d probably hate that you’re reading this right now by the way, so be sneaky.

Something I’ve noticed, right: motivators always seem to be slapping something. They slap their desk with what I can only assume is a fervent desire to keep their productivity maximised (taking notes from the desk drummer). They slap their knees, often accompanied with a cry of “Right! Where did we get to?” They slap you on the back either as a congratulatory physical manifestation of their pride, or as an attempt to keep you plodding across the line, the donkey that somehow made it into the Grand National. Lastly, they hand out high 5’s at an impressive pace. I’m telling you, their palms must be like a tanned hide judging from all the action they’re getting.

The Dreamer

For these guys, every day is dress-down Friday. With a gaze drifting always into the middle-distance and a cluttered moodboard begging for mercy, the dreamer is so far out of the box SETI thought they just made first contact.

These guys are creative visionaries at heart. They’re great for group discussions and for keeping a studio honest, lest they become too grey and corporate.

The Bean Counter

A logical thinker with a strategic streak, here’s the one that keeps all the creatives reined in, tactfully diverting them from following up on their insane ideas.

They’re the human reality check, a rude awakening or a cold flannel on the head. Sound like a killjoy? Well, yeah, but someone has to bear the weight of the studio on their shoulders and keep everyone employed. Their skill at debating with creatives in a respectful matter is unmatched - an ability that shouldn’t be underrated.

The Hound-master

Those who bring their dogs to the studio: thank you for your kindness, grace and generosity. You have brought a pure being of joy and love into our working lives.

Okay fine, your reaction to this person strongly depends on the temperament of the hound. Also the pooch might end up being a bit of a distraction.

But there’s loads of real research by real scientists, probably wearing lab coats and everything, that says that having dogs around reduces stress or something… Right? Just look at his little face, look at it!

The Idea Factory

Like a bonkers dream or a mythical set of hieroglyphics unearthed for the first time, the ideas tumbling out of these guys’ heads must be interpreted to be of any use.

As the saying goes, throw enough muck at the wall, some of it will stick. As long as you have someone sane in the studio to filter out the duds, having this person on your side is an absolute godsend.

The Brew Maker

Cuppa? Yeah go on then. These guys always know how you like it and their ability to carry a studio’s worth of mugs would leave a Bavarian waiter shocked. Why do they always go to the trouble? It could be genuine kindness or a thinly veiled caffeine addiction, does it really matter when you’re being treated to desk service on the regular?

Sometimes the entire productivity of the studio relies on the humble generosity of the brew maker, so do them a favour and grab one for them next time!

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