Power to the people!

This once-rebellious slogan has today become the first business commandment. No matter which industry sector your business operates in, allowing your buyers or consumers more and more options is the need of the hour. Interactive animations score very handsomely on this front.

What are interactive animations?

Interactive animations are, to put it very simply, animations that let the viewers participate on more levels than just viewing. Ways in which viewers can be engaged are many. The most typical of these involve sub-menus and show-reels.

Interactive animation services provided by Fudge Animation Studios are exhaustive. Right from interactive infographics and pictorials to DVD style menu selections for animated videos, we possess all the requisite expertise and experience in abundance.

Why interactive animations are better

Interactive animations seek active participation from the viewers. They allow the viewers to choose the direction in which a video will progress or an infographic will take shape. Getting your viewers engaged at this level certainly boosts the chances of your business winning them over!

The advantages of interactive animations are listed below:

  • Interactive animations make sure that targeted delivery of a video or an advertisement is possible –better conversion!
  • Interactive animations are known to make viewers stay on your website for longer – lower bounce rates!
  • Viewers decide what they want to watch and what they want to skip – better engagement!
  • Interactive animations are attractive, compelling and convincing – higher responsiveness!

Fudge Animation Studios and Interactive Animation

At Fudge Animation Studios, we not only enjoy our work, we also make sure that we take the responsibility of what we create. We are a team of highly experienced industry experts, veteran scriptwriters, accomplished designers and innovative animators. We bring our best game with us to make sure that interactive animations we create for you are visually impressive and thematically flawless.

Our expertise in this craft enabled us to use every known animation technique. From whiteboard and scribing to CG effects and 3D animations, we have everything to offer to you.

So, if this is something that interests you, do feel free to chat to our representatives or just write us a mail stating your requirements. Rest assured – we will be in touch soon with all the answers you need, and many great ideas!