What does animation say about your business?


It says you’re awesome.

Or something like that anyway. Since animated video for business is such a versatile tool that can be used in so many places and for a load of different purposes, it has the power to tell viewers a lot about your business in just a few short minutes.

So why don’t we take a look at some of the most common animated video styles that we do here at Fudge to find out what their strengths are and what they say about your business.



Why is it so effective?

Avid blog readers will have definitely stumbled across the phrase “Hit you right in the childhood”. As awful as that sounds, it’s actually just an informal way of saying ‘powerful nostalgia.’

Cartoony animated videos for business don’t have to look like Wacky Races, The Simpsons or The Powerpuff Girls to get this kind of emotional resonance with a viewer, either. Yes, sometimes your company or particular campaign calls for something a little cartoony in order to convey a more approachable or humorous tone but this is in no way the only option when it comes to 2D animation. We’ve done videos for Talent Deck that show just how slick and stylish a cartoon animation can be.

Seeing a cartoon-style animation primes the viewer for attention and since their association will be a positive one – memories of watching cartoons in childhood hopefully – it will instantly associate your brand with these good vibes.

Character creation is one of our services at Fudge and it’s a great way to make your business stand out. You can create cartoon characters to make a dry or complex topic fun and engaging, increase brand recognition and inspire a positive emotional response from your viewers.

Creating relatable characters for the viewer to identify with with can ensure your brand resonates with them, setting them up for attention and conversion. If the character’s story is presented in a believable and interesting way, a mere cartoon can really endear someone to your company and even pave the way for a very grown-up marketing success.

What does it say about my business?

  • It can let viewers know that your business is more than you appear – you have a human, or fun side.
  • Provoking nostalgia shows proof of shared values. Tapping into this with a cartoony animation can filter out negative emotions in your viewers, allowing them to associate your brand with positivity.
  • Showing characters that your viewer can identify with It makes you more relatable, and can prove your commitment to understanding your viewers.


Animated explainer video

Why is it so effective?

We could sit here and chat about how great animated explainer videos are for businesses all day – in fact, we’ve shared quite a few insights about them in Fudge Labs already. Check out Why We Love Explainer Videos (And You Should, Too!) and 3 Businesses That Changed Dramatically from Animated Video if you’d like a bit more explainer info.

Basically, animated explainer videos are a popular choice for businesses because they have the ability to quickly make a complex idea, company or product, simple and understandable before inspiring action in the viewer. They’re short, very effective and more versatile than a Swiss Army knife.

You can do a show-stopping product launch, tell the story of your business in a company profile video, or make an animated demonstration. Massive multinational companies can really throw their weight around with big, flashy animated explainers to reinforce their brand image, but often the most effective explainers are used by small businesses and start-ups.

So you’ve got a great idea? Animated explainer videos are the best way to get it out in front of as many people as possible and with as much clarity as possible.

What does it say about my business?

  • An animated explainer video shows that your story, who you are, what you do and why you matter is worth enough time, effort and cost to be made into an animation.
  • People appreciate short form messaging nowadays more than ever – attention spans online are getting shorter – listicles, even big, sensible publishers are churning out top 10’s and super shareable articles. Animated explainers say to your viewer that you respect them enough to be direct and as simple as possible.
  • Telling your story through an animated explainer gives your viewers some context for who you are. It creates intimacy and exposes the human side of your business.


3D Animation

Why is it so effective?

Whilst 3D is becoming more widespread as an animation choice for businesses, it’s still seen as quite cutting edge, so you’ll position yourself as a progressive, forwards-facing company. Part of this is down to developments in 3D animation and modelling techniques in recent years with software that’s getting easier and easier to use.

Sometimes it’s the only option that really makes sense. Say you’re an architectural company and you want to fly-through a design during a pitch. 3D animation can make their viewers feel like they’re already standing inside the building – an effect nigh impossible with other forms of animation, let alone live-action.

What does it say about my business?

  • 3D will make your business appear progressive, cutting edge and digitally proficient with a clear commitment to the future of technology and to your brand.
  • Since 3D animation tends to be a little more resource intensive to produce, as a result, these videos show that your company sees value in whatever you choose to represent in 3D animation.


Animated infographic/motion graphics

Why is it so effective?

Got some facts and figs to show off? They deserve maximum impact, so don’t just send them out in a spreadsheet or a slideshow, why not make up an animated motion graphics video for them?

Essentially, these videos are sequences of animation where images, symbols and text are given motion in order to present information. The best ones have voice over narrating what the visuals are representing, just to give viewers that 1-2 punch of visual and audio information.

They’re a great way to present information in a simple way and their ability to keep viewer interest is second to none. It’s all to do with the fluid, dynamic movement between imagery and text which keeps you engaged.

When you’re trying to deliver statistics, data or training which is quite dry to choke down by conventional means you can bring those figures to life by taking your viewers on an animated journey that explains where they came from and why they’re important, provoking a much stronger response and information retention.

We made a motion graphics video for VTSL that you can check out if you want to have a butcher’s at what I’m on about.

What does it say about my business?

  • Motion graphics can make your business sound knowledgeable but whilst avoiding the old and stuffy association that sometimes comes with it.
  • Animated information that you present in this way is fresh and worthy of notice, in turn, you’ll let viewers know how current and fresh your business can be, too.
  • These videos Impart the importance of the information you’re communicating, as well as placing it in context. You’re saying “These numbers really matter – we’re not just bunging them in a slideshow or a pie chart!”

To say animation is pretty versatile is an understatement. With so many options available to ambitious businesses wanting to use animated video, it can get a little daunting to know what will work best for you.

Before you start hyperventilating, just chill out and give us a bell – we’ve helped businesses of all sizes who all want to achieve different goals, and we can help you, too! Here’s how to find us.