Motion graphics – What are they and how can they work for your business?


What are motion graphics?

Essentially, motion graphics are sequences of animation where images, symbols and text are given motion in order to present information. It’s a versatile variety of animation that’s right at the cusp of graphic design.

They’ll often have voice over narrating what the visuals are representing, whilst keywords or phrases are popping up as well.

Motion graphics are a great way of keeping viewers engaged by giving them something to read at the same time as they’re watching the visuals and listening to the voice over. It’s likely this concentrated multi-sensory information load that makes motion graphics such an effective method of information conveyance for business.


Motion Graphics for Business BTG TheraSphere Animation

Examples of business motion graphics

An explanation can only get you so far, especially with a form of animation that’s so visually dependant.

Take a peek at our business motion graphics video for BTG TheraSphere. You don’t need to speak Spanish to see why this form of animated video is so bueno for businesses. Clean, relevant visuals, fluid transitions, and key phrases accompanied by voice over.

You can see why motion graphics are often called animated infographics. They’re a great way to present information in a simple way and their ability to keep viewer interest is second to none. It’s all to do with this dynamic movement between imagery and text which keeps you engaged.

Whilst we’re at it, check out our animated motion graphics business video for VTSL. Here’s an example of how you can incorporate elements of motion graphics into animated business video. You have the imagery and the on-screen key phrases with the voice over, but also a visual narrative to follow in cartoon style.

From these two motion graphics for business, you can see how they’re able to hit a range of tones, from frank and informative, to something more human and relatable.


Motion Graphics for Business VTSL Animation

What makes motion graphics so good for businesses?

Motion graphics work very well in a corporate environment when you’re trying to deliver statistics, data or training which is quite dry to choke down by conventional means. No one wants to stare at a spreadsheet or a bar graph, but when you can bring those figures to life by taking your viewers on an animated journey that explains where they came from and why they’re important, you’ll have a much stronger response.

Not only that, but the combination of imagery, text and voice over that I keep banging on about? It works wonders for information recall. The things you’re explaining in your business motion graphics video are being absorbed by your viewers much more effectively than other methods of information conveyance.

Where do they work well?

This type of slick, information-driven animated content fits really well into presentations, pitches, and classrooms. We’ve produced motion graphics for business that are shown at conferences, looped on screens at exhibition stands, shared on social media, displayed on landing pages and in emails. Sometimes all of the above!

Museum-goers will also find this style of motion infographic familiar as it is cropping up more and more to replace the intimidating plaques of text next to exhibits. These are typically set on loop but the more cutting-edge museums offer interactive elements where various animated options are available through touchscreens, buttons or voice controls.

Businesses often go for motion graphics when they want to communicate a complex product, service or concept. That’s why they’re effective for introducing your brand to investors or prospects.

Got some ideas of your own? Traditional marketing or communication methods failing you? You’re not the only one. Give us a bell, share your challenges, and we’ll come up with a fresh way to get people excited about your brand again.