Is Animated Video Right for your Business?

Thousands of businesses from the most humble of startups to the multinational giants whose headquarters block out the sun are using animation because they know that it is one of the most diverse and effective tools available to them for growing their business and delivering their message. Whether it be marketing – driving brand recognition and engagement, internal communications or explainer videos, you’re bound to have seen animation being used all over the place.

If you’ve found or clicked this article then it means that you’re asking yourself – why isn’t my company doing it!? Fudge has been around the block a few times and we know the value of quality animation for businesses so we’ve decided to run through some of the varieties of videos and talk about the business sectors that we’ve worked with in the past to show you their expectations and the kinds of animation that they found effective.

Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are taking over the internet and at this point you’ve probably seen hundreds of them – and for good reason! They’re one of the most effective online marketing methods for engagement and return on investment. Businesses looking to communicate a new or complicated product or concept will turn to these in order to make themselves clear and hold the interest of their prospective customers.

There are two main kinds of animated explainer videos. You have animated infographics which are sleek and composed of text, illustrations, stats and icons all in constant motion. This is great for factual content and is best used when the tone you want to convey is one of clarity, authority and expertise. A creative manipulation of colours, shapes and, of course, branding, will keep your viewer interested and leave them informed and engaged.

The other kind, which we have a fair amount of experience in too, would be cartoon style explainer videos. These explainers often bring the focus of the video to the human element of your business. Just take our product launch explainer animation for Mycellium. The cartoon style helps bring what could be a complex product concept into a context which is relatable and engaging. You have the ability to take a familiarisation approach, putting viewers in the footsteps of the characters and giving the focus to your company’s product or service, encouraging them to realise the benefits you can offer. If you want to inspire an emotional connection with your customers and drive brand resonation then a cartoon style explainer video is invaluable in creating a strong bond!

You can create an effective hybrid of these two explainer styles. A cartoony yet slick and information-driven animated video can be the best way to articulate a potentially complex set of feature benefits. As an example, our explainer video for Swiss RE, the world’s second largest reinsurer, is a distinctive and informative artistic alternative to conventional sales collateral. I’m sure you’d rather watch something like these than peruse sales spreadsheets, graphs and reports…

The explainer video is a real chameleon of a tool. It’s simple and flexible form lends itself to absolutely any sector which is why it appears so often in such a broad range of businesses. Many businesses will stick these on the landing page of their site to give their visitors a positive and interesting first impression.

Internal Communications

Looking to inspire and motivate your people? You might just want to consider ditching the slideshows and presentations and turn to animated video as a refreshing alternative. Like animated explainer videos, internal comms videos are being increasingly used by businesses recently. They are a fun and memorable way to make a dry format actually interesting again. It’s pretty common knowledge by now that the vast majority of people will respond and recall after watching a video when compared to reading text with the same content. Take advantage of this!

The feedback we have received from our past clients has been vastly positive, with reports that productivity and compliance has been noticeably improved thanks to animated internal comms. We’ve worked with many businesses to create animated newsletters, corporate policy guidelines and procedural changes which have replaced lengthy emails, handouts and meetings. These kinds of animations offer you the chance to be creative with your communications whilst still ensuring that vital information is retained by employees – and it’s the most fun!

Training Videos

Going hand in hand with the previous, training videos are perhaps the most lengthy and the most important communications a company is likely to deliver to its employees. It goes without saying how vital and effective on the job training is, but how to get the best possible results out of your employees? Oftentimes, what you want from a customer is exactly what you want from a trainee: engagement and conversion. With the added challenge of getting your training seen by sometimes thousands of staff and on a tight budget, conventional training methods struggle to keep up…

We were approached by the NHS Information Governance team at Guys & St. Thomas (one of the largest NHS Foundation Trusts in England) who wanted to train their 13,000 staff on handling information. We created a humorous animated film based loosely on Peter Howitt’s 1998 romantic comedy Sliding Doors. In our version, Sliding Wards, we alternate between two parallel universes, based on the two paths Arnold’s, our central character, life could take depending on whether he demonstrated good or bad examples of IG compliance. Working in the medium of animated training video allowed us to create a story out of an uninspiring topic which was memorable, relatable and would encourage users to share their new found knowledge and passion.

So successful was Sliding Wards, that Guys & St Thomas contacted us again to produce another animated training video. This time the focus was on medical records. With this one, you can see how the animated training video can be cartoony, and fun whilst still being technical. This method allows you to run through step-by-step procedures with examples laid out in a relatable and clear way, leading to a better chance of your teachings resonating with the viewer.

Internet Series

This next one is a little bit specialist but if you’re really feeling creative and none of the above appeals to you, then creating your own series of animated videos might be the way to go. The aim of creating a web series for your business is not to go viral, so keep your expectations in check! What makes this form of marketing excel is its proficiency in gradually developing brand awareness and long-term interest in the company’s message—a crucial strategy for small businesses looking to reach new audiences.

The Tenant’s Voice (TTV) is a one-stop shop for all the help and advice the UK’s 9 million renters need. In July 2015, they launched their own series providing renters with ideas about what to look for when choosing a property, general hints and tips, and what to do when things go wrong. We were asked to create an animated title sequence, closing credits and stings for this series. Now whilst we didn’t animate the entire show for them, TTV understood the impact that a series could have for their reach and brand recognition – the animated title sequence, stings and closing credits were something different, detailed and interesting, really giving the series some personality.

Depending on the scope (it’s easy to get carried away!) making your own animated internet series can be expensive and lengthy with quite a long return on investment period. However, when done right, these videos can be a cracking supplementary addition to your other marketing efforts. They create or enhance company personality and resonate with your viewers long after their launch.

And there you have it, a few of the popular B2B and B2C animated video options available to your business. Keep in mind that these are just some of the most commonly-used animated videos – ones that we have experience with and that have shown their effectiveness. Just because you don’t see exactly what you had in mind on this list it doesn’t rule you out! Head on over to the contact page and give us a ring or a message. Our team are very creative and love a challenge! After a chat with us you’d be surprised at all the possibilities open to you.

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