How to Start Using Animation

Before you start throwing around ideas for your next big video, it’s important to make sure that it has a home when it arrives. A home that makes sense for the video, for your company, for your brand and also for its primary and secondary purposes. This week I’m going to explore where you can place your animated video and what the common objectives you might want to achieve will be.

Some videos like animated explainers are super versatile, they’ll excel in a whole range of places so you might want to consider how your animation might suit more than one of these following locations:

  • Landing page
    • Perfect for making great first impressions, reducing bounce rates and guiding user flow to other places on your site. This encourages conversion like an absolute treat.
  • Conference
    • Stick your animation on a screen to attract attention and create talking points. Plus, we all need an icebreaker sometime!


  • Social media
    • The goal here is to get views, yes, but also to encourage shares and get people engaging through comments and interaction too. Animation is different, interesting and worthy of notice so it really excels here.
dropbox facebook page
  • Video streaming
    • YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet, harness this. Getting your business streaming is great for your content marketing strategy anyway so you definitely need an account if you don’t have one already!
pinterest youtube video
  • Email
    • Emails with the word ‘video’ in the title have better open rates and that’s the first step to increasing your click-through. Inbox real estate is awfully competitive, having an animated video makes your email less likely to be banished to spam.
  • Traditional media
    • Television and pre-feature movie trailers: these are tried and tested arenas which can become very effective spots for your animated video too. Just make sure to have a strong call to action as these places are harder to win conversion.
tv with video
  • Places of learning
    • Think: museum exhibits, university open days, galleries, training days, etc. Animated video encourages information retention and recall. It is perfect for re-engaging a lapse in concentration as well.
  • Out and about
    • That’s right, animated video can even strike where you least expect it – in the real world! The most obvious of these is those huge looping digital billboards but they’re cropping up at lottery counters, in shop windows, at bus stops, on the sides of buses, the tops of taxis, sports pitch barriers, bowling alley score screens, all kinds of places.

Explaining, Training, Selling and Telling

Chances are, if you’ve decided to go with animated video for your business, you have one or more of these 4 objectives. These are what you are claiming the purpose of your animation will be. By having a clearly defined goal in mind, you will be able to better place and produce your video.


No prizes for guessing that I’m on about animated explainer videos here! These are videos which are fully animated or executed using motion graphics with the purpose of making a complex idea, company or product, simple and understandable before inspiring action in the viewer. These videos usually arrive in 3 differently shaped packages, all excelling in a slightly different way:

  • Animated Infographic
    • Moving images of graphs, visualisations of statistics and keywords which simplify your topics like in our infographic for Surf. Factual, sleek and informative.

  • Cartoon style
    • Character creation which tells your story and stresses the human element like in our product launch explainer for Mycellium.

  • Hybrid
    • A combination of the two above. Versatile and demonstrative like our explainer for Swiss RE.


Like I said earlier, animation assumes the role of teaching tool seamlessly because of its ability to inspire information retention and recall. It goes without saying how vital and effective on the job training is, but how to get the best possible results out of your employees?

Oftentimes, what you want from a customer is exactly what you want from a trainee: engagement and conversion. With the added challenge of getting your training seen by sometimes thousands of staff and on a tight budget, conventional training methods struggle to keep up… With animated video, Fudge has created stories out of uninspiring topics which are memorable, relatable and encourage viewers to share their knowledge and passion.


Animated videos aiming to achieve sales are probably the easiest to place because they can perform well in many conventional advertising locations, often better than traditional adverts. In a time when there are so many electronic devices vying for users’ attention, animated adverts succeed in making their mark because they fulfill what animations excel at – they entertain, catch your attention and are very memorable.

Selling a new product with an animated product launch or building interest with a demonstration are both great ways to utilize this form of marketing tool. Add animated characters or logos and your brand’s recognition can be huge! Seeing animation primes the viewer for entertainment so that they are less likely to let their attention wander – seize this moment and call them to action!


This one is a harder objective to define; of course you want to tell your audience something with your animated video! What I mean is that you want to communicate with your viewers and connect with them, creating a lasting impression and a desired response. A company profile introduction is an example of the kind of video where your primary goal is telling.

The most common example of this motive which we have experience with would be internal communications videos. Animation works excellently for this purpose because you can present your message with clarity and make it memorable. Creating characters which your audience can relate to is an immensely powerful way of getting favourable actions out of your viewers, just take our Health and Care Professions Council video. In our experience, certain industries (such as medical and construction) really value the telling power that animation possesses because they often deal with safety and confidentiality matters.

If you’ve made it this far then you must be able to appreciate just how versatile animated video for business can be. Think there might be a spot in your marketing strategy for animated video? Take a peek at our 4 step checklist for choosing one, or drop us a line, we’d love to have a chat about any project ideas you might have!