5 Reasons Why Creating Videos Yourself is a Gamble

Businesses often think that branching out their marketing efforts to include animation is a worthwhile way to go, and they’d be right! When animated video is done well, it can deliver a strong message which, in turn, bolsters the strength of the company’s own image.

The power of storytelling in marketing (a bit of a faddish term we know) is well established. Now usually this storytelling is data visualisation, accompanied by a slideshow or a set of data points and whilst this can be an effective way of reviving a boring set of spreadsheets, animation can go further and make people really care about what your company is trying to achieve. Animation is, at its core, a storytelling mechanism, one which people are familiar with and can be very easily understood. The ability to evoke the human aspects of your business in a relatable way and actually connect to your customers is one of animation’s strongest advantages.

There are unfortunately a few pitfalls lying between you and the animated video of your dreams though. We’ve been doing this for a while and here is what we think are the most important things to be aware of when considering this route. Just a note, most of this advice will apply to smaller businesses but this does go for larger companies and their departments too!

Don’t try to do it all by yourself

This is a trait which companies often show when they’re making an effort to save money. Yes, you’ll pinch a few pennies with the production costs but the time it takes to actually produce something of a high enough quality to be effective could be huge. The best thing to do would be to hire an agency and work with them to develop your ideas. You can concentrate on what you want to say and to whom, let them do the complicated bits and the heavy lifting. If you can’t afford an agency even for a short video, try looking at freelancers. There are some seriously talented freelancers out there at a much more affordable price.

Involve professionals wherever you can

This one goes hand in hand with the previous point and might seem obvious… If you know some marketers, designers and content producers, get some advice! They should be able to offer you some great tips, especially if animated video is a big, scary, unexplored avenue of marketing for your company. This is an excellent way to get some direction from someone that you trust and at potentially no cost, yay! That being said…


Don’t scrimp

Looking over the last few tips we might come across as being a little stingy but this isn’t necessarily the case. Creating animated video content can be a very costly endeavour and as such, discussing and setting aside a sensible budget is an excellent move. Remember that this is an investment, not just another cost! Treating the process as one big expense is not the way to go, it will encourage you to cut corners creatively and this can be disastrous for the finished product!

Don’t cram too much in

Short and sweet is the name of the game here. We have a golden rule which we try to stick to which is: if you can’t fit it into 140 characters (or the length of a Tweet) then it won’t fit into one video! Try to separate your content at a meaningful juncture or let some go, two shorter, more focussed videos are always better than one long, clumsy video. This rule is really helpful when you want to narrow down exactly what you’re trying to say and cut away the rest of the fluff which can cloud the creative process.

Poor video can do more harm than good

Have you ever been watching a video from a company where the animation just looks… retro? We’re not saying retro in the cool, Steamboat Willie kind of way, just outdated. We definitely have and it makes us sad, a reaction that we share with many others it seems! Check out this rather unsettling (if not unsurprising) statistic which claims that 61% of consumers were put off buying a product after watching a bad explainer video. This number drives home perhaps the most important point we can offer on this subject; you have to reach a certain baseline of quality with your animated efforts. Sometimes this means going with an agency to ensure the high quality of animation required to turn a viewer into a customer!

Quite a few things to be aware of then! If that hasn’t put you off, you’ve read our Best Tools For Producing Your Own Animation post and you’re ready to spring into action, best of luck! If you’re sat at your desk, twiddling your thumbs and feeling a little daunted because your plan of creating your own animation suddenly seems like a whole lot more effort than you first thought, give us a call! We’re a friendly team who loves to have a chat and we’re always ready to talk through some of your options when it comes to making animation work for you. After all, we’ve been at this a while and we like to think we know what we’re doing by now!