What Are The Best Sites To Show Off Your Work?

So you’ve slaved over your tablet for hours, finished a couple of projects and you’re looking for a decent place for your work to call home.

Lucky for you, there’s never been a better time to be a massive show-off; there are countless places for you to upload your animations for the benefit of potential clients, your peers or even collaborators. Let’s check some of the best ones out.

Video Hosting Sites


This is so obvious I barely need to mention it. YouTube is the dominant video streaming site, blowing its competitors away in terms of size, popularity and searchability. It’s the second most popular search engine on the net, many of us looking for answers here before Google itself.

Even though YouTube isn’t a platform that has creatives in mind, you have to make sure your stuff is here if you’re looking for maximum exposure. It’s just so easy and so ubiquitous, you can’t afford not to.


With a focus on high definition and high-quality content, Vimeo has really separated itself from the pack when it comes to hosting your showreel online. Animation is thriving here. There’s a great community of indie animators and studios so you’ll be getting potential clients eyeing your work, as well as the opportunity to build up your professional network.

There are plenty of super useful tools here for creatives, most importantly: no ads so you can link people to your work on here and know for sure that it will have the spotlight. Staff-curated playlists are a big pull on Vimeo, animation is always given a lot of love too so you’ll be in good company.


DailyMotion is a nice alternative to the above options – it’s actually the second biggest online video site behind Youtube. Whilst it doesn’t really have enough unique features or benefits as a platform to make this your primary hosting location, it is very popular in some countries, French-speaking areas especially. It’s definitely worth chucking your animations on here for that international appeal!


Tom might have left MySpace behind to travel the world and take lovely photos (I still call you my friend Tom!) but this site has managed to survive by leaning into video hosting.

Coming from social networking roots, the focus on sharing video content on MySpace nowadays is strong which is great for spreading your work around.


Flickr has been a beast in the image hosting/sharing game for a while now, but it’s not just for still pictures – video content is getting a bigger and bigger piece of this delicious pie by the day.

There’s always a bunch of people looking for inspiration here, so a well-placed animation at the right time could get you a client, a networking opportunity or even some decent feedback. Beautiful, simple profile options and the opportunity to interact with other users make Flickr a respectable home for your showreel.

Hosting for Creatives


Now we’re getting into the options that were made with creatives like you firmly in mind. Dribbble has a focus on designers but there are plenty of animators here too, so it’s worthwhile signing up and loading up.

Given the design-y community here, motion graphics or animated infographic style videos will undoubtedly garner more interest. Keep in mind that full, high definition video isn’t supported so you might want to treat Dribbble as a side-portfolio. Still, with podcasts, meetups, jobs listings and endless profiles, there’s plenty here for those looking to learn, network and be inspired.


PortfolioBox does one thing and it does it very well: digital portfolios for creatives.One glance at their example profiles and you’ll see that the design of this website is bloody beautiful. Your work somehow looks even better when it’s in this environment. With a free trial begging you to take a peek, you’ll be impressed by its ease of use, effortless navigation, and slick template options.

Again, like with Dribbble, the focus is on visuals so you’ll have to fit your video into animated .gif form. With that being said, there are loads of animators on here and making it work for them.


Behance is some kind of mix between a digital portfolio site, a social network, a job site and an inspiration site like Pinterest. As you might expect, this heady cocktail of uses means that it’s become a bit of a hub for creatives, clients and collaborators, so make sure you create a free profile and dive in.

Behance isn’t a hosting solution though; the best way to show video content here is actually to embed Vimeo links. Once you do so, there are great opportunities to write blog-style posts where you can show off some juicy progression shots and tell everyone about your inspiration – stuff that your portfolio has to have.

Adobe Portfolio

You can find a decent whack of layouts and features here that have been devised with creatives like you as the user from the ground up.

Unfortunately, Adobe Portfolio is one of the few sites on this list that demand a bit of your hard-earned coinage. The good news is that if you’re already shelling out for Adobe Creative Cloud and its excellent roster of creative software, you already have this! You can export straight from Adobe Animate to Adobe Portfolio, boom.

Other Hosting Options


Anyone that’s listened to a podcast in the last 5 years has no doubt heard the words “brought to you by SquareSpace” as part of these guys’ agressive audio marketing push. Turns out that SquareSpace have a good thing going and just wanted to let everyone with a pair of headphones know it.

More layouts to play with here, this time award-winning. Never made a site before? Their customer service is notoriously excellent, personable and responsive, so don’t sweat it. Grab a free trial, there’s no reason not to jump in and have a muck about.


You’re reading this from a WordPress site right now! This has been a stellar choice for building and hosting a site for creative work for ages now. They have all the powerful tools and pretty bells and whistles that you’d expect but it’s a doddle to use (even I can manage!).

On top of this, they can boast great support and some beefy statistics analysis tools built into the back end of your site.

Now you’re spoilt for choice! Still got some questions about getting your work out there? Take a butcher’s at our post on How to Display your Work, we’ve got you covered.

For more general portfolio tips, check out our post about how to make it as a freelancer, some really useful information on there for newer freelancers too!