The 4 Step Checklist for Choosing an Animated Video

Animated video is such a diverse and high-impact tool for businesses. There are a huge number of possible opportunities to include animation in your marketing strategy, internal comms, training structure and more. But what do you have to be prepared for once you’ve decided to take the plunge?

A lot of our clients have made their first venture into animation with us and it can be an alien practice, so we’ve done our very best to produce a short checklist for you to make use of when choosing animated video. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourselves so that you can include animated video in your existing marketing strategy, or even build one around animation alone.

What do I want to achieve?

This can be an enormous and complex point – one not so simple as “more sales” (although that’s always nice!). You should be asking yourself a range of questions to define exactly what your strategic objective is with choosing animation:

  • Do I want to increase sales conversions?
  • Do I want to showcase the personality of my brand?
  • Do I want to help my audience retain information?

Once you have the answers to these questions locked down, it will help you decide on how much the of the all-important budget you should allocate. For example, if my objective is to get 1000 more people to my website because you convert 1/1000 people and you sell a piece of hardware that costs £100k then it probably makes sense to put some money behind it to make sure you get more than 1000 new visits. If you sell a product that costs £3 to make then maybe give your allocation of budget another look…

As for showcasing personality and information retention, animation is a very strong option. We’ve helped companies take a dry subject and make it fun, memorable and on message with our animated videos.

How will I measure it?

We understand the need to find out exactly how successful an animated video campaign has been for businesses. This could be a simple metric such as clicks on your site or even base views alone will give you a fair idea of the number of impressions you’re hitting.

If you wanted a deeper understanding of impact, you may wish to launch a post-campaign interviewing strategy. We think this is a great measurement for animated video because it gives you so much more qualitative information. You can find out how the brand was conveyed, build an idea of your average responses and even test information retention depending on how long after watching you conduct your interview.

Who is it for?

  • Who are my audience?
  • What do they ‘look’ like?
  • What motivates them?
  • Where do they access content?
  • What sort of content do they want to receive?

Chances are if your marketing team are decent, they’ll already have a fairly specific idea of exactly the kind of demographic your audience fits into. Just be aware that the audience for animated video may vary slightly from your regular customers. Is this a difference you are trying to embrace or are you looking to appeal to your existing customers to drive re-engagement, and loyalty?

Building a target demographic profile is especially important for those of you considering animated video as a marketing tool. The audience that you aim for with heavily influence how to answer the next question about style and also with duration.

What style?

  • Do you want an explainer style video?
  • Are you looking for an inspiring and innovative way to motivate your people with animated internal communications videos?
  • Do you need to engage your staff with a series of training videos?
  • Or perhaps you’re really pushing the boat out and are looking for animated video in an internet series.

Let’s take the most popular animated video for business as an example: There are two main kinds of animated explainer videos. You have animated infographics which are sleek and composed of text, illustrations, stats and icons all in constant motion. This is great for factual content and is best used when the tone you want to convey is one of clarity, authority and expertise. A creative manipulation of colours, shapes and, of course, branding, will keep your viewer interested and leave them informed and engaged. The other kind, which we have a fair amount of experience in too, would be cartoon style explainer videos. These explainers often bring the focus of the video to the human element of your business.

Make sure you’ve decided whether you want to go down the cartoon route or the stylish, information-driven route. The first thing that pops into most people’s heads when you say animation is ‘cartoons’ – animation doesn’t have to be kiddy or cartoony. Just consider the wide variety of motion graphics which are in every single piece of video content you see nowadays whether live action or animation.

Animation can be really stylish! – just think about the new TSB adverts or our Local Care Record informative animated work for the NHS for example. Yes, sometimes your company or particular campaign calls for something a little cartoony in order to convey a more approachable or humorous tone but this is in no way the only option when it comes to animation. It’s the skill of a good studio to produce a style which is fitting of the brand and appropriate for the target audience.

What function will your video perform? You should have answered this earlier! This is important again because it will dictate the most suitable length for your video. When aiming for social content we recommend a video at the 10-30 second mark whereas for a landing page or explainer style video elsewhere on your site, 60-90 seconds is a much more appropriate length.

I suppose the last question you have to ask yourself would be: how do I get started? Well fortunately this is one we can help out with the most! Just give us a bell or an email and we can talk through exactly how to get the ball rolling on your very own animated video.

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