Animated creatures are perhaps the most familiar ambassadors for the very art of animation itself. What began as a modest affair with an adorable out-of-proportion Mickey Mouse is today an important industry in its own right.

At Fudge Animation Studios, we can boast of an impressive portfolio of animated creature designs for purposes including entertainment, education, digital marketing, healthcare, branding – and just about everything that lies within these boundaries!

Animated creatures communicate with your target viewers!

To be perfectly fair, the days of stereotyping animated creatures as ‘children’s toys’ are long past us. Today, even the biggest of companies use animated creatures for driving their points across to their viewers. There are many glorious examples of how animated creatures manage to captivate people’s imagination. Not only that, they succeed in conveying your message in a wholly creative way that’s far from being boring!

Perhaps, an example would explain this better.

In the online world, HostGator – a prominent web hosting company – has, in fact, built their whole brand around a creature named Snappy who also happens to be an alligator!

From the entertainment viewpoint, few creative techniques have been as popular as animated creatures. Whether we talk about simple 2D creatures like Super Mario or highly-realistic 3D creatures in Hollywood blockbusters, the message seems to be clear – animated creatures are versatile and they have a natural power to engage, something that can be translated into a power to sell.

Here’s what our creature design and animation services include

At Fudge Animation Studios, we believe in working closely with our clients. At every major step of the project, we ensure that our clients approve of our progress. Our creature design and animation services are thorough and extensive. Here are some of the noteworthy features:

  • With the kind of experience we harbour at Fudge Animation Studios, our creature design ideas are diverse and unique. If you are looking for a perfect brand mascot or an accurate representation of a given idea through a creature, you can count on our fertile imagination!
  • At Fudge Animation Studios, we are not averse to adopting any animation technique if it fits in the context well. From simple scribing and whiteboard 2D storylines involving a creature, to complex, multi-layered animations with lifelike CGI effects – we have all the technical expertise with us.
  • Creature designs we create for you are compelling, vivid and visually convincing.
  • We also offer adequate script writing services, voiceover and full post-production assistance.

Animated creatures, in past few years, have dominated entertainment and marketing industries. If you are wondering how your business or services can benefit from these techniques, you just have to contact us here. One of our representatives and animation experts will soon be in touch to answer all of your questions, and present to you some great ideas!