There’s no denying that most business sectors today are highly competitive. It takes a great deal of effort to break through this competition – and an even greater deal to stay ahead of it. That’s where creative marketing tools like animated characters and brand mascots enter the frame. At Fudge Animation Studios we have helped a number of businesses to think up, create and employ ingenious characters that have since gone on to become the very identity of these businesses.

People can relate characters to brands more easily!

It isn’t that tough of a mystery to solve.

A highly creative and innovative character can help your customers relate to your brand and your business much better than most marketing campaigns can. Just think of Kellogg’s Frosties and you are bound to see in your mind the images of Tony the Tiger. From Pillsbury Doughboy to Ronald McDonald – the list of animated mascots that have managed to raise marketing campaigns to a whole new level is endless.

There are really no boundaries that an animated character serving as a mascot cannot push. If you have a plateaued marketing mission on your hands, a memorable animated character might be the best remedy to get a move on!

What sets us, at Fudge Animation Studios, apart?

At Fudge we understand the responsibility that comes with creating engaging characters – either for entertainment or branding purposes. We have on board highly experienced marketing analysts and advisors who will come up with a number of ideas for you to pick from. In the next phase, our team of proficient designers and animators will ensure that these ideas are transformed into visually rich, appealing and powerful character designs and animations.

We follow the best of design practices and industry leading technologies including the latest 3D Studio Max and Fly-Through Animation techniques. Our highly customisable 2D and 3D CGI character designs and animations take into account every aspect of the character that you want designed – from physique to psyche. In short, we bring the character that you have in your head to life on the screen!

There’s no reason why you should miss your spot on this bus!

At Fudge Animation Studios, we have helped a wide range of businesses – from interactive websites to home utility products – in connecting with their buyers and consumers through custom character designs and animation.

To get an idea about how exactly we can help your business too, just call us or write to us. You can expect us to get back to you with some exciting ideas!