Over three generations have already seen their childhood being defined by cartoons and animated films. While it’s true that animation has succeeded in making just about equal impact in other areas such as digital marketing and customer acquisition, the fact remains that even today, the word animation strongly evokes the images of cartoons and TV shows tailored for children.

Cartoons have an inherent power to capture the attention of viewers. Cartoons can make you sit down and have a dose of pure, unadulterated entertainment – something that’s becoming more and more of a rare commodity with every passing day.

At Fudge Animation Studios, we specialize in producing highly ingenious cartoon stills, adverts and films for a variety of purposes.

What makes cartoons such an impactful tool?

Cartoons usually employ quirky characters, interesting storylines and vivid imagery that people dearly enjoy watching. It’s a proven fact that our visual memory is much better than our semantic memory. Because of the visual appeal that is unmatched by any other digital (or otherwise) medium, cartoons manage to get noticed.

There are no shorta of ways in which cartoons can be engaged. Even businesses can benefit immensely from branding strategies developed around anthropomorphic cartoons.

As far as TV shows aimed at children are concerned, cartoons have a formidable track record of popularity and cultural significance.

Why choose our Cartoons and Children’s Television services

At Fudge Animation Studios, we work with some of the most experienced and sought after creative minds in the world of animation. From intuitive scriptwriters to innovative designers, and from accomplished animators to expert voiceover artists, we are a group of motivated professionals who treat each of your projects as our own.

When you choose Fudge Animation Studios for cartoons or children’s television programs/shows, you not only choose our expertise, you choose our experience in this craft, as well. From traditional 2D character cartooning, endearing puppet sets to detailed 3D real-life imagery, we have it all covered for you at Fudge Animation Studios.

At each and every critical step of the production process, we make it a point to consult with you to make sure that the cartoons we create are just as you had envisioned in your mind!

If you have any questions to ask or queries to make, we are just a call away. You can also drop us a line here and we will be back with some ideas in no time.