We all love it when plans fall into place one after another. It makes everything seem better, doesn’t it?

But what about the times when plans don’t materialize? Well, it’s a hassle nobody wants to confront. That’s why, being prepared matters – especially when you know that mistakes can be quite costly.

If you are gearing up for a short film, an advert, a commercial, a music video or just about any sort of ‘video’ endeavour that involves casting and shooting, storyboard production is the best way you can stay prepared.

Storyboard Production is a way to be on the safer side of things!

You may have meticulously planned a video sequence and shoot, but you cannot foresee what’s going to go wrong in the actual filming process. The things that you may have seen with your inner eye don’t always end up being there on the screen.

That’s why, competent and thoughtful storyboarding is important.

Here’s how storyboard production helps you stay on the right side of things-

  • Storyboarding gives you an idea about how the script and screen match.
  • Storyboarding lets you have an insight into potential problems with the script, dialogues or even casting well before they actually surprise you.
  • A good storyboard is inspiring in its own way.
  • When you place a storyboard next to your script, you can easily have a bird’s eye view of the whole project.
  • There’s no better tool to market your scripts to producers and financiers than a well-finished storyboard.

Why choose Fudge Animation Studios

We, at Fudge Animation Studios, have an immaculate track record of designing and producing custom storyboards for a number of clients, all over the world.

We are a team that believes in extending nothing less than perfection to our clients. From experienced scriptwriters who can instantly gauge the merit of your script and identify potential loopholes to industry leading designers and animators who turn your script into a storyboard that’s just about a mini-version of what you plan to shoot.

Storyboard production saves you a lot of important resources – time, energy, creative forces and most importantly – money.

If you have a script in hand and you want to test it out for a big screen, we would be excited to hear from you. For any question, inquiries or suggestions, do feel free to contact us here.

Make sure to mention in brief what your project is all about and we will call back with some great ideas to get started.