Animatic production is an inseparable part of the whole production process for any video, regardless of its nature. Yet, not a lot of people know what animatic production really is all about.

We, at Fudge Animation Studios, offer some of the best of tried-and-tested animatic production services for a variety of clients – from adverts to music videos and from movies to documentaries.

What is an animatic?!

To put it in the simplest of terms, animatic production is like a dummy that you would test your ideas on.

Animatics provide a great testing ground for producers. Traditionally, animatics used to be 2D – without exceptions. The immense leaps that both hardware and software have made during recent times, however, mean that 3D animatics are quite common, these days. There are certain cases when animatics actually inch closer in quality towards final production.

Produced animatics are often assessed and reviewed by a small group of viewers. Their feedback is then put into actual production processes, coupled with oriented research.

The very purpose of producing animatics is to try out various ideas in a hit or miss fashion, at a relatively lower costs. A failed animatic, in a way, means avoiding the huge costs down the production line. This also means that invariably, animatics are simplistic and free of frills.

Fudge Animation Studios and Animatic Production

At Fudge Animation Studios, we have a great deal of experience in producing multiply angled animatics that provide you with an acute insight into which direction you should pursue in regard with the final production.

Expert industry analysts and designers at Fudge have an insider’s understanding of what people want to see and how you can convey your ideas in the best way possible. Some of our bespoke animatic production services include:


Photomatics are created from photographs of models or actors shot on a dummy location or in the studio. They are then projected on pre-drawn backgrounds to create a motion sequence that emulates a story or design concept. Photomatics are ideal for adverts and commercials.


Still-o-matics are montages of random stills or selective freeze frames that are sourced from films, TV shows etc. They provide an idea about how the intensity of video sequence can be improved.


Videomatics are, in the same vein, produced from relevant video collections. They are sometimes also called mood films, as they try to set up a particular mood for the finished product. Videomatics are largely used in the production of music videos and short films.

So, if you are setting out to create any sort of video, animatics can help you avoid a number of issues that can escalate be potential roadblocks. Further research into animatic reviews will also help you improve the product quality.

To learn more about how animatic production services offered by us, at Fudge Animation Studios, can be integrated into your production process, contact us here.