Identity of your business matters the most when branding strategies are concerned. This becomes an even more pressing challenge when you are in businesses like broadcasting, television, webcasting or video production that solely rely on perceptions and reputation. While not too many people would find their ways about it, expert designers and marketers know how a small time-window of about half a minute can work wonders for establishing, enhancing and promoting your business identity!

If you are a television channel, webcasting company, video production house or just about any business that regularly needs videos produced, we, at Fudge Animation Studios, have a lot to offer to you!

Animated Idents

Animated idents (just an industry-specific short-form for identifiers) can provide a great introduction to what you are about to unveil. Idents can be thought of as video logos. Traditionally, networks and channels have tended to create hand-drawn simplistic idents that look like they couldn’t wish harder to get over with as soon as possible.

But with animation, the possibilities are endless. Animated idents that we create at Fudge Animation Studios are not only creative and unique, they also manage to strongly reflect what your business values are – in as few as twenty to thirty seconds!

We employ the latest 3D animation techniques including Flash and motion graphics to create powerful idents that people wouldn’t mind watching – over and over again!

Here a few points that our bespoke animated idents follow by:

  • Excellent visual appeal
  • Ability to follow up with idents you may have used in the past
  • Highly creative ideas that viewers will associate your business with

Animated Bumpers and Stings

Bumpers and sting are similar to idents – the only difference lies in the fact that idents are channel or business specific, while bumpers and stings are generally show or programme specific.

Animated bumpers and stings can ease out the transition from a show, a music video or a live broadcast to advertisements and back. Bumpers and stings don’t have to be boring. With expert animators and designers at Fudge Animation Studios, we aim to create precise and seamless bumpers and stings that blend in with the programme – yet managing to leave a mark of their own.

If you need animated idents, bumpers or stings for your business, you can get in touch with us right away. We will make sure that we get back to you with answers to all of your questions and a few stunning ideas, to boot!