Animated explainer videos are taking over the internet and at this point you’ve probably seen hundreds of them – and for good reason! They’re one of the most effective online marketing methods for engagement and return on investment. Businesses looking to communicate a new or complicated product or concept will turn to these in order to make themselves clear and hold the interest of their prospective customers. A well-scripted, crafted, animated and presented explainer video can really go the distance and it certainly beats old-fashioned pointer-to-the-wall techniques!

We at Fudge Animation Studios offer progressive, creative explainer video solutions to individuals and businesses across industry sectors.

Explainer Animated Videos – What’s the fuss all about?!

Quality animated explainer videos have an impressive potential. Students can be taught complex concepts with some simple yet effective, steps-based explainer videos. Corporates, you too can use animated explainer videos to train new employees and deliver important internal communications in an engaging way. Rolling out a great new feature on your website or your product? No problem! Just upload a slick animated explainer video to social media  and get it in front of your followers!

In short, animated explainer videos are straightforward, concise and efficient. They don’t eat up viewers’ time and still excel in doing what they set out to do – explaining things!

Here’s what our Animated Explainer Video services bring to the table

Here at Fudge Animation Studios we take pride in our current market knowledge and our pioneering techniques. Our animated explainer videos are simple and flexible, lending themselves to absolutely any sector, which is why we have extensive experience producing them for such a broad range of businesses. From small-scale explainer videos for individuals to high-profile and heavy-duty explainer video series for businesses, we have retained an enviable industry reputation.

We begin the proceedings by conducting an initial discussion with you to understand your goals and how you would like to reach them. Once we have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve with your video or series, our scriptwriters and designers will furnish a few ideas after detailed group discussions. When one of these ideas reaches approval with you, it will be  further refined by our creative team before being passed on to our animators. Upon completion, we will deliver an explainer video which clearly delivers your on-brand messaging, giving your viewers an interesting, engaging and, most importantly, memorable explanation.

Highly creative and unique services

At Fudge Animation Studios we take immense pride in the fact that we offer highly creative services to our clients. Our animated explainer video services are no exception to this. Our exemplary services are assured with  some of the following features:

  • We possess a wealth of experience for engaging scriptwriting. Here at Fudge we are never short of interesting ideas. This means the animated explainer videos that we produce for you will be attractive and compelling – a million miles away from the monotonously technical standard offering from many businesses.
  • We perform a variety of visually pleasing, smooth animation techniques to enhance comprehension in our explainer videos. Along with popular explainer techniques that involve simple whiteboard animations, we also offer Flash animations, 2D and 3D animations and After Effects.
  • Online marketing campaigns, educational scripts, product launches, technical workshops; no matter what your project or industry, we handle everything with the same enthusiasm and efficiency. We know how best to appeal to your target audience and deliver a compelling experience without fail.
  • We also have at our disposal a wide selection of expert voiceover professionals with an extensive mastery over various tones, emotions and approaches.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Going one step further, we say that a video is worth a million pictures – out with the bulky pictorial PDF manuals and in with perfectly animated explainer videos!

If you think that a professional animated explainer video might be exactly what your project needs, do feel free to let us know more here – rest assured that you will hear from us promptly!