The power of branding is truly mesmerizing. It takes years of near-perfect operations for a company to create a brand that people can relate to. Very fittingly, business experts – without many exceptions – tend to consider a well-developed and evolved brand as the most valuable asset for a given business.

At Fudge Animation Studios, we care for your brand just as much as you do, if not more. That’s why, our animated brand films and videos will always fit in perfectly with your new campaigns as well as existing brand strategies.

Animated Brand Films can make a difference!

Every brand has an interesting story that can grab eyeballs and make the brand name stick. We, at Fudge Animation Studios, take this upon ourselves to tell your story in the best way possible to your potential customers or buyers.

People love to watch a good story unfold in front of their eyes. That’s the very reason why, animated brand films we create for you at Fudge Animation Studios are a lot more than plain advertising or marketing. Brand films that we create are products of rigorous thought processes and industry specific ideas that are born through years’ worth of experience we possess on board.

A custom animated brand film that we create for your business at Fudge Animation Studios packs a strong punch. You can choose to air it on TV, post it to your website or share it across social media – the impact is all but guaranteed!

Our animated brand film services are end-to-end!

Once you hand over the mantle to us, we take it through to the end. To start off, we will hold some initial discussions with you regarding your business and brand campaign. A team of expert writers, designers and animators will then work in unison to create a few sample ideas. With your approval, we will go ahead with one of these ideas to make sure that your brand gets to tell its story in a style that it so rightly deserves!

Some of the standout features of our animated brand film services are:

  • We use an exhaustive range of animation techniques, from simple whiteboard animations to advanced 3D animations, in combination to impart a great finish to your brand film.
  • We offer a wide selection of voiceovers to appeal to a wide range of audiences.
  • For brands trying to break through newer or foreign markets, we offer special multi-lingual brand films.
  • You will also be offered fully fledged post-production assistance and social media integration tools as a part of our service.

Free market is just another name for immense competition. Your brand can, however, have a head start with impeccable and memorable animated brand films that we will create for you. For any questions or queries, you just need to get in touch with us and you will hear from us soon enough!