In this age of fast-paced and sometimes, downright cutthroat digital marketing, there’s no better tool to push our imagination boundaries than 2D animation. It’s short, sweet and direct to-the-point – plus it is good fun to watch!

What 2D animation has to offer

There’s really no limit to what can be achieved with 2D animation. With a great 2D explainer video or sales presentation, you can win your audience over within minutes – if not seconds. A well-crafted 2D animation can drive your message home in certainty and style. 2D animation is highly customisable, as well. It can be adapted to a number of working styles and tones – from simple message conveying videos to intricate start-up pitches.

Thorough and elaborate 2D animation services

At Fudge Animation Studios, we provide end-to-end 2D animation services. A team of experts on board takes care of everything – from initial briefing to storyline creation and from brainstorming ideas to actually make them happen on screen.

Have a brand in place? No problems! Fudge Animation Studios will come up with exhaustive solutions to make sure that our work duly engages your brand strategies in 2D animations that we produce for you.

With our industry leading 2D animation services, you employ experience and expertise of accomplished scriptwriters, designers, animators and voiceover artists, all bundled in one neat package. We also offer exhaustive post-production assistance for every technical aspect.

Be it Adobe After Effects, Flash or good-old hand-drawn storyboard animation, we have got it all covered for you. Our range of 2D animation services is all-encompassing – from TV commercials to internet videos.

So, if you think you are all in readiness to create some truly entertaining and compelling 2D animations with us, do feel free to just let us know here. We will take up from there in no time!