The best websites for creative and animation inspiration


We all suffer with creative block now and again. Fortunately the internet is a great place to find inspiration from other animators, artists and curators.

You know how in video games like Animal Crossing and Neopets you have your ‘dailies’? Stuff that you can do for rewards every day? Well creatives should be behaving in the same way. Here’s some of the best online sources we rely on to get that creative spark back.





Pinterest is often our first stop when it comes to looking for references, ideas and inspiration. It’s a well-established gathering place for animators and creatives of many disciplines to instruct, show off, or critique.

Something about the design of the site just really appeals to me, too. It can be a bit intimidating at first, with its multiple columns of pictures and .gifs all over the page, sure. But by now I’ve come to love scrolling away, poring over hundreds of posts until that ‘something’ grabs my attention and demands that I stop.





Next up is article-based Abduzeedo, where individual writers come together to share their creative finds from around the world. There’s architecture, design, photography and a wagon-load more.

Give their animation collection a peek – you’ll be treated to a stellar selection of animated work with a quality editorial accompaniment.


Creative Bloq



One of the prevailing advantages offered by CB is that it’s a hub for inspiration that also boasts a hefty ‘How to’ section for all creatives, no matter how advanced they are in their craft.

The articles go from ‘Look at this awesome thing!’ To ‘How to understand colour theory.’ or ‘10 essential skills for graphic designers.’ Newbies can be gripped by inspiration and get started straight away without ever leaving the site.





With more of an artistic flex, Booooooom is a rabbit hole of contemporary painting, photography and design. It encourages you to “get lost in all the content” and find myself often doing just that.

With just one look at this striking, thoughtful site, you don’t need me to tell you to do the same. Just make sure you type all the o’s in there.





More of an online magazine than some of the other’s I’ve chosen to share today, iGNANT features a curated selection of art, design, photography, fashion and architecture from established as well as emerging talent.

It’s got the vibe of an art gallery in website form. I feel like I should be peering at my screen and scratching my chin thoughtfully every time I visit. If you dig the minimal, reserved style, this could easily be your new home.


It’s Nice That



Aside from having the best name amongst my roster of inspirational sources today, It’s Nice That is also a great place to head for blending creative inspiration with information about opportunities in the creative industry.

There’s a broad range of engaging work on show that also touches on how creativity intersects with business. As you might expect, their advertising section is especially robust. You can find us in the animation section, which is no slouch either!





It should come as no surprise that Instagram is the dominant visual social platform of choice for thousands of awesome artists, animators and curators. The best bit about Instagram as a source for creative inspiration is that you get little doses of it interspersed with ‘your family on holiday’, or ‘what your mate had for dinner’. It elevates the otherwise pretty pedestrian feeds that most of us suffer with…

All you have to do is find some good accounts to follow now! Lucky for you lot, we’ll share some of our faves:




Get lost in one of the most abundant visual art, design and culture blogs on the web. According to their ‘about’ page, this site reaches an audience of a staggering 2-3 million per month.

As crazy as those numbers sound, once you allow yourself into the curated sprawl of articles, galleries, interviews and more, you’ll soon count yourself among the many who return here for their daily creative fix.





WePresent celebrates and showcases a beautifully designed cascading wall of art and design, offering not only a heaving pick ‘n’ mix bag of eye candy, but the thoughtful and inspiring context behind each piece.

The text that accompanies each image or .gif contains dialogue rather than a headline or title. This alone posits a more personal tone. These objects of beauty and aesthetic are human creations with human stories behind them, WePresent reminds you..

That little blob in the corner is one of the simplest, pared-down representation of a menu reveal button. Its blobby pulsation when moused-over just begs a click, and with a beaut of a menu that pops out, instant gratification awaits. Web designers, please get rid of those ugly hamburgers that are all over the place.

For the busiest of you, at least try to jump on for a peruse of their dedicated animation section every once in a while!


Now then! I’m sure your bookmarks folder is begging for mercy by now, quaking under the sheer weight of creativity you just stuffed in there. You’re welcome.

This isn’t to say that your quest for creative inspiration is over. Everyone’s got their favourite spot, so do let us know where you go to get the gears turning. We’re on socials so give us a shout any time: